The main lines of the company activity include: deployment and modernization of mobile operator networks, technical support, and network services.


Smart Light


Deployment of mobile operator networks


Technical support

Network services

Construction of new generation lighting networks


We offer solutions based on platforms for building intelligent lighting systems, IoT, Smart City and Safe City solutions, construction and maintenance of telecommunications, information networks of operators and large organizations.


Based on the JLED lighting system, we will build a telecommunication environment for the operation of any ICT, IoT and Smart City technologies in the shortest possible time.



In partnership with Magal we offer comprehensive security solutions:

• Safety and security management systems of the perimeter, state border, critical infrastructure.

• Management and control systems for infrastructure of airports, seaports, railway stations and public transport.

• Systems of video analytics and video surveillance.

• Safe City & Smart City

Deployment of mobile operator networks

This line of activity covers turnkey development of mobile operator sites, including:

Facility search;


Site development;

Installation of equipment;

Facility legalization;

Addition of a new standard.

Facility search:

For search of construction sites and conclusion of a lease agreement with the land or building owner, “searcher” managers are employed. Their duties include search of a site fit for construction, coordination of a preliminary project solution and conclusion of a lease agreement.




Design is performed by the RD Department in line with the Ukrainian regulatory system and the Customer’s requirements, under the supervision of the RD Department Head. Quality control and compliance of the design documents to the Ukrainian regulatory system and the Customer’s requirements are executed by Chief Project Engineer.



Design is performed by the Design Department in line with the Ukrainian regulatory system and the Customer’s requirements, under the supervision of the Design Department Head. Quality control and compliance of the design documents to the Ukrainian regulatory system and the Customer’s requirements are executed by Chief Project Engineer.


Given the qualifications and present staff of the Design Department, we can perform design work of any type and complexity in the field of radio communications.


Dependent on the Customer’s requirements, the complete design includes the following sections of design documents: Memorandum, Technology concept, Architectural and construction concept, Power supply, VAC, EIA.


A sample drawing is presented here.

Technical support for mobile operator networks

Currently, most mobile operators assign technical maintenance of network facilities to outside service providers. This lets mobile operators concentrate on their core activity.

This strategy allows mobile operators to achieve:

- higher productivity;
- greater revenues;
- a decrease in operating costs;
- better quality of provided services.

As a rule, operations assigned by operators to outside providers are divided into the following functional modules:

- Routine preventive works
- Emergency recovery works at network facilities
- Extra services


Technical support for gas stations

Technical support - complex of measures aimed at 24-hours support of gas station complexes efficiency according to the standards and requirements of the customer. Regular maintenance of the object includes works on regular maintenance of the operative condition of elements of the object, keeping the set parameters of its modes of engineering systems (setup, adjustment, replacement of consumables, minor repairs, etc.).

Network services


Services provided hereunder let operators optimize employment of radio equipment working in their network. Our advantage is that we impartially monitor operation of equipment from different manufacturers used in the operator’s networks, and make unbiased assessments.



The service of optimization of radio equipment of a GSM/UMTS network using equipment from different manufacturers gives operators an opportunity of comprehensive analysis of network operation on the basis of information about the quality of communication of all network users. At that, operators can remedy defects not detected by standard troubleshooting methods, discover specific network problems (e.g., poor handover operation), prepare matrixes of mutual interference, receive recommended changes in the "neighbour" lists for reliable handover among cells, as well as recommended changes in output power of base stations and antenna tilt angles and recommended assignment of base station frequencies (including in the event of use of pseudorandom switch of working frequencies)..



Regional subsidiaries

The Company’s central office is located in Kyiv, regional branches are found in Kharkiv, Kirovohrad, Odesa, Kherson, Mykolayiv, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, Uzhgorod, Cherkassy, Chernihiv, Bila Tserkva and Uman.

- Head-office

- Logistic center, central warehouse

- Branch


The development of any company requires close and mutually beneficial cooperation with its Customers and Partners. Some needs quality services, and it can be difficult to implement the company's strategy in full without competence of others.


«E S U» company specializes in provision of services in the telecommunications sector, where partial or full assignment of network deployment and maintenance operations to specialized companies lets operators concentrate on their core business and save substantial funds for its further development. That is why all largest Ukrainian mobile communications operators and telecommunication equipment suppliers are among our customers


Our Company

Development history

«ESU» company was established in Kyiv in December, 2005, under the name of RBScom. In July, 2006, after the arrival of an Austrian investment fund EPIC, the company was renamed EPIC Services Ukraine or, abbreviated, «ESU». «E S U» has numerous offices all over Ukraine. The company branches operate in Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Kharkiv, while service centers are found in Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kirovohrad, Uzhgorod, Mykolayiv and Kherson.

in 2013 the company «E S U» was held at the certification audit for compliance of the quality management system to the requirements of international standard ISO 9001: 2008 by the TMS company's Auditors (official representative of TÜV SÜD, the world's leading inspection, expert and certification services on the territory of Ukraine).

Company «E S U» has been praised by auditors who noted the high level of organization, automation and control, corresponding to modern Western standards.


  • Larysa Kulyk


  • Palagesha Oleksandr

    Technical director

  • Oleksandr Podobny

    Financial Director

  • Lohinova Nataliya

    Chief Accountant

  • Elena Rozdorozhnaya

    HR Division Director


23 - 26 октября 2018 г. в выставочном центре «КиевЭкспоПлаза» состоялась международная выставка «Безпека - 2018», которая традиционно является главным событием

индустрии безопасности в Украине для ведущих отечественных и зарубежных компаний. В этом году на стенде компании Е С У были представлены передовые решения

в сфере Safe City, охраны перметра, интегрированная платформа Fortis 4G Компании Magal (Израиль).

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Odessa 5T Forum is:

- Two days of business communication, panel discussions on market trends, future projects of Odessa

- Innovative ideas, city development plans, inspiring presentations

- A review of state policies for the development, global best practices. Panel discussions with leaders of the 5T area and opinion leaders

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